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Effective Communication Skills     £4.95

Communication is without doubt the most important skill required to live successfully. The world around you is competitive.  Whether at home, with friends or at the workplace, if you can communicate well, you have got most things going your way. People do not just listen to a good communicator; they are ready to bend or unbend to the person’s needs.

However, natural born communicators are rare!  Most of us need to develop effective communication skills. This e-Book will show you how and help you become the communicator you always wanted to be.

The e-Book is divided into six modules containing practical exercises and examples that will teach you the essence of effective communication and enable you to express yourself more clearly and confidently.


1. Understanding the Communications Process
2. How to Understand Someone’s View of the World
3. How to Communicate With Different Types of People
4. How to Build Up Rapport with Anyone
5. How to Make Small Talk
6. How to Give and Receive Feedback


The e-Book comes to you in a printable PDF format.


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