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As individuals rise through an organisation, the greater the need and expectation to demonstrate and exercise leadership. Of course, as a high achiever you knew that this ‘came with the territory’ and relished the prospect of developing a clear leadership strategy and identity. Yet somehow you never seem to have had the time to focus on your personal development.  Questions may embrace:

  • How do I develop my own authentic leadership brand?
  • How will I shape and communicate my vision and strategy?
  • What sort of team do I want to build around me and how do I keep them motivated?
  • How will I stay connected with the people in the business?
  • How will I keep my finger on the pulse without getting drawn into the minutiae of day-to-day events?
  • How can I influence stakeholder relationships both inside and outside the organisation?

One-to-one business coaching gives you the space to address your own questions, challenges and aspirations.

The more senior the role the more difficult it is to share with others internally questions and concerns about your leadership style. Working with an experienced coach provides you with an external, agenda-free sounding board and opportunity to analyse how you can improve your performance and deliver more both personally and organisationally.

Adopting a hard edge goal-orientated approach, Peoplescape combines a pragmatic business focus with sensitivity to personal needs and issues:resulting in the client committing to action which they believe in and are able to deliver.

“One of the hardest tasks of leadership is understanding that you are not what you are, but what you're perceived to be by others.”  Edward Flom

Who gains?

  • CEO’s, new board members, experienced senior managers
  • Business owners seeking to take their enterprises to the next level
  • Functional specialists transitioning into general  management roles
  • People moving into a new role or new organisation
  • Aspiring leaders identified as having high potential


The one-to-one coaching normally takes place on-site and broadly falls into four phases:


  1. Introductory meeting with the corporate sponsor (where relevant).
  2. Initial meeting with the coaching client to establish expectations; identify where the client sees their development areas; and clarifying how the coaching will work.
  3. Establish outline goals for the programme.
  4. Refinement of goals using tools such as 360° assessments and values questionnaires.


The “middle” of the process is the bulk of the programme. The coaching uses several models. Whilst each session may have specific sub-goals, the overall thrust of the programme is guided by the main goals agreed at the outset. At the half way stage, part of a session is devoted to reviewing progress made and checking that the goals are still relevant and valid.


In the final sessions, we discuss the tools and techniques that the client has developed and how these can continue to be used.  This ensures that the changes are sustainable.


After the final session, the success of the coaching programme is measured. If a 360° assessment was used before the programme started, it can be repeated to gauge what progress the client has made. Alternatively a “hard” goal, such as profitability improvement may be used.

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To discover how coaching will provide you with fresh impetus and improve your business impact, please contact us.  We would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.

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