HR Solutions

Having a skilled, motivated and engaged workforce is critical to the success of your business.

Our Approach

Peoplescape understands that your business is ‘unique’ and so are your requirements.  We pride ourselves on providing tailored and affordable solutions to all your people-related needs.  Commercially grounded, we believe our solutions are long on value and short on consultancy speak!

Services can be delivered remotely, on-site, or, a combination of the two depending on your needs.

HR Infrastructure 

Do you have the right infrastructure to manage your people effectively?  Having clear, user-friendly policies and procedures is not just about legal compliance - albeit important  - but reflects your culture and why people should want to work for you. Peoplescape provides bespoke policy design, employee handbooks,  templates and invaluable 'how-to' guides. If required, we can also complete a risk-based health check of all your current documentation and implement an improvement plan. 

Employment contracts

The foundation stone upon which the employment relationship is based.  Peoplescape will make sure you get these right and provide you with adaptable templates for future use.

Employment law

Do you feel overwhelmed by the ever expanding volume of employment legislation and regulation governing the people aspects of your business? We provide a one-stop service to ensure you meet all your obligations and avoid costly and damaging mistakes.

Performance management

Do your processes really motivate people to give of their best or strangle creativity and initiative? Embedding the right processes, intune with your business culture, will instil dynamism by ensuring employees are clear on what they have to deliver, how they have to deliver, and how their contribution will  be recognised. This service can include reviewing your current reward and incentive arrangements to maximise your return on investment.

Performance coaching 

Do you address underperformance problems timely and effectively?  Performance coaching (1-1 or team-based) is a powerful tool to get performance back on track or map the way forward.  Peoplescape are also accredited to use a range of insightful psychometric tools which can be incorporated into the coaching process.

Dispute and conflict resolution

Regardless of all the things right in your business, things sometimes go wrong.  Grievance and disciplinary issues are often complex, corrosive, and time consuming. Costs are punitive when you stray on the wrong side of the law.  We provide pragmatic guidance and support to resolve these issues and prevent their reoccurrence.  This extends to managing any employment tribunal referrals.

Employee engagement

How well do you harvest the opinions of your employees and harness their knowledge to make better business decisions?  Peoplescape can run opinion surveys, facilitate focus groups and carry out key stakeholder interviews to identify how you can enhance communication flows and improve bottom-line results.

Change management

To prosper, all businesses need to evolve and develop. Invariably this impacts on people – job roles, ways of working, organisational structures, potential redundancies to name but a few.  Change needs to be managed sensitively and effectively if the original business case is to be realised.  Using road tested methods and techniques, Peoplescape will partner and equip you to navigate change successfully.

Interim management

Peoplescape can provide interim HR support  when you need it.  For example, pending a new appointment, to fill an expertise gap, or ensure a business-critical project gets completed. 

Other services

If you require a service which is not listed or simply want to chat through a particular issue (without an invoice!)  please contact us to find out  how we can help.

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